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February 25, 2018
Lady Justice
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     State of the Judiciary Address

2016 State of the Judiciary 


The annual condition of the judiciary address is the one time of the year when the judicial branch has the undivided attention of both houses of the legislature, the governor, and the members of the media who cover state government. In this year's address, I used the opportunity to review the tremendous accomplishments made by judicial branch employees during the past five years. I also restated the six priorities for the judicial branch that I first presented to the legislature in my 2013 State of the Judiciary and have repeated each year since. Our priorities are important because they guide all of our accomplishments and show the legislature we are good stewards of the money allocated to the judicial branch each year. The priorities are: 

         Protect Iowa's children  

         Provide full-time access to justice  

         Operate an efficient full-service court system  

         Provide faster and less costly resolution of legal disputes  

         Operate in an open and transparent way  

         Provide fair and impartial justice for all 


The speech is also an opportunity to share our objectives for the upcoming year and how we will continue to strive to make the Iowa court system the best, most advanced, and the most responsive court system in the nation.  


You can find the text of the speech here:  




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