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February 25, 2018
Lady Justice
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     FY 2017 Budget Request Summary

FY 2017 Budget Summary 


Each year the Iowa Legislature appropriates funding from the state's general fund for the Iowa Judicial Branch budget.  Last year, the legislature appropriated to the judicial branch $181,786,612, or about 2.5%, of the $7.2 billion general fund appropriations.  


A few days after Chief Justice Cady delivers the State of the Judiciary, State Court Administrator David Boyd presents the judicial branch's budget request to the legislature's Justice System Appropriations Subcommittee.  The presentation provides information on the services the judicial branch provides for Iowans and the budget requests, or "Decision Packages" for the next fiscal year.    


Throughout the legislative session, the chief justice maintains weekly office hours at the capitol to be available to meet with legislators.  In addition, David Boyd and Judicial Branch Legislative Liaison Sydney Kronkow continuously meet with legislators to advocate for funding as well as provide information legislators request to make informed policy decisions.    


You can find David Boyd's presentation here:  


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