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May 24, 2018
Lady Justice
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     FY 17 Judicial Branch Budget

Fiscal Year 2017 Budget  

For the 2017 fiscal year, beginning July 1, 2016, the legislature appropriated the same amount of funding as the judicial branch received last year, well below the amount needed to maintain the current level of service to Iowans. Unfortunately, this has caused the Iowa Supreme Court to make some very difficult decisions. The court considered all options to balance the budget including, but not limited to, layoffs, court closure days, reduction in hours, and the reduction or elimination of specialty courts and other recently developed programs.   


For Fiscal Year 2017 the court decided to:  

         Establish a hiring freeze for all vacancies in the judicial branch. There will be a very few, limited exceptions to the hiring freeze.   

         Hold open judicial vacancies for an average of six months.   

         Reduce travel by 10%.  

         Reduce furniture and non-IT equipment by 50%.  

         Shift some funding for IT operations to the Court Technology Fund.  

         Institute a moratorium on the expansion of specialty courts.  

         Require supreme court approval before a judicial district may eliminate any specialty courts.   


Even with these budget decisions, there may be the need for further budget adjustments at some point in the fiscal year. 


Listed below are links to more information about the fiscal year 2017 budget now available on the judicial branch website. 













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